March 30, 2012

Obama's 'Flexibility' Doctrine

Charles Krauthammer, National Review

AP Photo

You don't often hear an American president secretly (he thinks) assuring foreign leaders that concessions are coming their way, but they must wait because he's seeking reelection and he dares not tell his own people.

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March 27, 2012
Obama Puts Politics Before National Security
Brett Decker, Wash Times
There is only one thing scarier for the future of America than all of the debt and bad policies President Obama has built up since his 2008 election: It’s what the prospect of an Obama second term would bring. And the... more ››
March 28, 2012
Obama's Bad Bet on Vladi­mir Putin
Washington Post
President Obama has responded to Mr. Putin's return to the presidency by strongly affirming his commitment to partnering with the strongman. more ››
Just how flexible does Obama plan to be with Russia on the missile defense, which he redesigned once already to take account of Russian concerns? more ››
March 27, 2012
Obama's Foreign Policy 'Etch-a-Sketch Moment'
Benny Avni, NY Post
President Obama’s chummy open-mic exchange with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday sounded very much like his foreign-policy Etch A Sketch moment. more ››