April 8, 2012

Harper Muzzles Canada's Diplomats

Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star

AP Photo

What matters most to Harper is not human rights and democracy but rather their exact opposite: keeping authoritarian control, both at home and abroad.

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April 1, 2012
Harper Has Little to Fear from Mulcair
Barbara Yaffe, Calgary Herald
Yes, federal New Democrats have a shiny new leader in Tom Mulcair. But no, Stephen Harper is not shaking in his boots. more ››
April 1, 2012
Canada: Best-Governed Country in the World
David Frum, National Post
Under Stephen Harper, Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country among advanced democracies in the world. Thursday's federal budget locks up Canada's lead. more ››
March 30, 2012
Canada Drops the Penny, Little Else
Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
What a strange budget Stephen Harper's new majority government produced. Heralded as tough on spending, it was nothing of the kind. Primed as bold, it was cautious. Expected to be clear, it wallowed in the impenetrable. more ››
April 4, 2012
Harper Undoing Canada
Frances Russell, Winnipeg Free Press
Stephen Harper's Conservatives dislike Canada. They reject much of what the rest of the world values and praises about us -- our respect for cultural, linguistic and racial diversity; our sense of social responsibility towards... more ››
April 8, 2012
Good Riddance to Canada's Penny
Calgary Herald
The Harper government was right to do this. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. more ››