April 9, 2012

Breaking the India-Pakistan Impasse

Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg

AP Photo

The trade deal has provoked much excitement in business circles in India and Pakistan. Still, the question needs to be asked: Can economic ties between India and Pakistan flourish when political conflicts remain unresolved? And can commercial integration in the long run defuse political animosities? Some instructive lessons for South Asia’s great rivals can be found in relations between the...

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April 7, 2012
U.S. Playing Games with Pakistan?
Karamatullah Ghori, Asia Times
The United States has placed a bounty of US$10 million on the head of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, accused by Delhi of masterminding the militant mayhem in the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008. The action has surprised Pakistan, where... more ››
Whoever wins the US presidency - be it likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney or President Obama - faces an array of foreign-policy challenges that may be as daunting as those of the cold war. For starters, they involve China, Russia,... more ››
April 4, 2012
Answers Needed from Pakistan on bin Laden
David Ignatius, Wash Post
Let's see if we've got the numbers straight: Osama bin Laden lived in five houses in Pakistan, fathered four children there, kept three wives who took dictation for his rambling directives to his terror network, had two... more ››
March 29, 2012
Who Is America's #1 Geopolitical Foe?
Greg Scoblete, The Compass
Beyond China, countries like Iran or North Korea (or even Pakistan) could earn a nod for their hostility to U.S. regional aims, but again, not for their power or geopolitical weight. more ››