April 9, 2012

Bush's Freedom Agenda Is Still Right

Gary Gambill, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

When mass demonstrations began spreading across the Arab world early last year, conservative commentators lost no time in singing the praises of George W. Bush, the first U.S. president to aggressively push for democratization in the region.

Today, with Islamists dominating politics wherever tyrants have stumbled or fallen, many of those who waxed eloquent about Bush's Freedom Agenda have either fallen silent or taken to arguing that Islamist ascendancy will prove to be a temporary setback on the road to liberal democracy. Those who were critical of it all along are having a field day.

In fact, even if the Arab Spring constitutes "an unshackling of Islam, not an outbreak of fervor for freedom in the...

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Consider the last three two-term presidents:  Reagan, Clinton, and Bush 43.  I'll grant this is a very small sample, but bear with me.  Did their second-term policies look different from their first-term? You bectha. more ››
April 8, 2012
A Hegelian Moment in the Middle East
Adam Garfinkle, American Interest
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April 9, 2012
Chaotic Iraqi Model as Good as It Gets
Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
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