April 15, 2012

The Return of Neo-Stalinism

Robert Fulford, National Post

AP Photo

The Russian people suffer from a severe inferiority complex, if we can believe the editorial that appeared in Pravda last week. It took the form of a cry from the wounded heart of Mother Russia, a nation wronged by the malicious insults of foreigners.

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April 10, 2012
A Global Assault on Religious Liberty
Doug Bandow, Forbes
Despite its best efforts, America cannot make the world free. But at least Americans can work to make the world freer. They should support religious liberty as they go out into the world. more ››
his article discusses incorrect and falsified economic statistics in Russia. The divergence between statistical data and real life in Russia has become the source of societal tensions and has reduced people’s confidence in... more ››
Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are all experiencing economic growth, but Gallup surveys show majorities in just three of the emerging-market economies -- Brazil, China, and India -- are satisfied with their... more ››
April 8, 2012
U.S.-Russia Missile Cooperation Still Smart
Eric Auner, Dem Arsenal
Whatever one thinks about missile defense as a national strategy, it is clear that the administration has made it a priority. The administration led the effort to place territorial missile defense at the core of NATO strategy... more ››
As a UN cease-fire effort in Syria fails with more killings – and the Syrian Army fires into Turkish territory - an end to the violence will require greater appeals to conscience. Will Russia listen? more ››