April 18, 2012

U.S. Intel in the Dark over Israel's Iran Plans

Andrew Exum, World Politics Review

AP Photo

My sense, based on conversations with Israeli leaders and Israel-watchers as well as years spent studying Israeli military operations and strategic thinking -- or what passes for strategic thinking in a country where domestic politics seems to determine everything -- is that Israel might be willing to roll the dice on an attack on Iran and, in effect, see what happens.

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April 12, 2012
U.S., Israel Put Big Bet on Iran Intelligence
Ronen Bergman, NY Times
Even without firm knowledge that the supreme leader had ordered his scientists to assemble a bomb, such information could help guide analysis and decision making, which nobody can afford to approach lightly. A miscalculation... more ››
April 6, 2012
Israel's Dogs of War Straining at the Leash
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April 8, 2012
Mideast May Collapse into Conflict if Talks Fail
Peter Goodspeed, Natl Post
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April 10, 2012
Israel-Iran, Holocaust Perverted in Poem
Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Grass is a former member of the Waffen SS, and being a former member of the Waffen SS means having to say you're sorry. Unfortunately, all the harshness directed against Grass after he revealed this fact in 2006 -- six decades... more ››
April 13, 2012
Israel's October Surprise?
Fred Kaplan, Slate
Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program resume in Turkey this weekend, attended by delegates from the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany. Not much is likely to happen. The big obstacle... more ››