April 19, 2012

Iran's Mullahs Can't Rest Easy

Ray Takeyh, New York Times

AP Photo

As Iran and the West resume their diplomatic dance, questions about Iranian internal stability loom large.

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April 14, 2012
How Iran, Turkey See Each Other
Cagaptay & Vatanka, Hurriyet
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is visiting Riyadh on Friday. The Syrian crisis will dominate the agenda in Riyadh, and Iran will scrutinize every statement made by Erdogan and his Saudi hosts. Welcome to the new... more ››
April 14, 2012
Don't Betray Iran's Democrats
Patrick Clawson, Foreign Policy
You wouldn't know it from following the news, but the nuclear impasse is not the only issue dividing Iran and the United States. In his latest message to the Iranian people on the occasion of their festival Nowruz in March,... more ››
April 14, 2012
Iran Escalates Gulf Tension
Sultan Al Qassemi, Al Monitor
Another crisis is brewing in the Middle East, this time between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Iranian president Ahmadinejad took the unprecedented step of visiting the disputed Gulf island of Abu Musa... more ››
April 14, 2012
India Balances Tehran, Washington
Neil Padukone, Pragati
As even a cursory look at Western newspapers these days will show, the world has entered a new round of antagonism in the confrontation over Iran’s alleged atomic weapons program. Ronen Bergman’s article in the New... more ››
April 15, 2012
Hey U.S., Iran Doesn't Trust You
Hossein Mousavian, Foreign Policy
The Obama administration has done more to undermine Iran over the past three years than any U.S. presidency in the 33 years since the Iranian revolution. Under the shadow of a policy of "engagement," the United States and Israel... more ››