April 19, 2012

The New Arab Oz

Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

Dorothy had it right. We are not in Kansas anymore. In little more than a year, a powerful tsunami of rebellion and revolt has washed away much of what was familiar to America in a region it thought it had finally come to understand.

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April 16, 2012
Chaos Prevails over Egypt Election
Issandr El Amrani, The National
No one can tell you where Egypt is headed. Not the revolutionary groups that have become a sideshow as politics has moved from the streets to parliament and the courts. Not the politicians who, even if they were not... more ››
April 16, 2012
How the Islamists Are Modernizing
Olivier Roy, Foreign Policy
The longstanding debate over whether Islam and democracy can coexist has reached a stunning turning point. Since the Arab uprisings began in late 2010, political Islam and democracy have become increasingly interdependent. The... more ››
April 18, 2012
Arab Disorder Is a Sign of Vitality
Rami Khouri, Daily Star
What we are seeing in Tunisia and Egypt is not dangerous turmoil or chaos, but rather a very complex set of nation-building and nation-defining dynamics compressed into a ridiculously short time span. more ››
April 15, 2012
A Revolutionary Week in the Mideast
Rami Khouri, Daily Star
There is much more to come, which will clip the wings of Islamists and generals, but also of populist radicals and street dreamers alike. And if some post-modern intellectual carpetbaggers from Washington and London join the fray... more ››
April 11, 2012
Islamists Must Leave Room for Unbelievers
Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
What Islamists, and many other Arabs, have yet to accept is that in order for freedom of religion to be genuine, it must allow the freedom to reject faith entirely and to promote non-religious perspectives. more ››