April 25, 2012

Syria Faces Neo-Mujahedeen Struggle

Victor Kotsev, Asia Times

AP Photo
If a regime such as Syria's is too strong militarily to be defeated from the outside, it can be torn apart from the inside - such as a foreign-sponsored insurgency that has been termed a "neo-mujahideen strategy". This game requires great skill and caution, as well as the micromanagement of a complicated web of regional relationships and rivalries that includes Iran and Turkey. - Victor Kotsev (Apr 25, '12)
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April 21, 2012
Turkey and China's Awkward Diplomacy
Peter Lee, Asia Times
If there was a message from China to visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan this month, it was that Beijing doesn't need his leadership in the Middle East. Instead of relieving tensions over Syria, Turkey is trapped... more ››
April 13, 2012
Syria's Border Blackmail May Backfire
Michael Young, Daily Star
Pity Ali Shaaban for the hypocrisy that surrounded the reactions to his death. From Hezbollah we heard that the cameraman’s killers had to be punished, even though the party has no intention of seeing its Syrian allies... more ››
April 18, 2012
Meet the Smugglers on the Syrian Border
Erin Banco & Sophia Jones, TNR
As violence has intensified in Syria, the human smuggling business has boomed - in both directions. Syrian civilians employ smugglers in hopes of getting out of harms way, while journalists, aid groups, and human rights... more ››
April 18, 2012
Assad Is an Arab Problem - Not America's
Buck Sexton, National Review
In a region that generally soaked itself in post-colonial pity until the Arab Spring, a unique opportunity presents itself for Muslims to take the reins and free an oppressed Sunni population. more ››