April 30, 2012

In Egypt, the Horror and the Pita

David Goldman, Asia Times

AP Photo

Egypt's national tragedy took a turn towards farce April 27, when Saudi Arabia closed its embassy and several consulates after demonstrations that "threaten the security and safety of Saudi and Egyptian employees, raising hostile slogans and violating the inviolability and sovereignty", according to a Saudi statement. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States were supposed to anchor an international aid package that will forestall a disorderly financial crisis.

With a critical...

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The protests outside Saudi Arabian embassies in Egypt in recent days risk setting a dangerous precedent in relations between the two countries that would be to Egypt’s detriment. Protesters were angry over the arrest of... more ››
April 24, 2012
The Sins of the Muslim Brothers
Noha El-Hennawy, Egypt Independent
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April 28, 2012
Turkey Has Reasons to Fear Arab Spring
Ersin Kalaycioglu, Bitter Lemons
When the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Sidi Bouzid led to an avalanche of protests in Tunisia in January 2011, nearly the entire Arab world began to rock with popular uprisings. Unforeseen protests by Arab youth seemed... more ››