May 5, 2012

Why Pick a Fight with China?

Walter Clemens, The Diplomat

AP Photo

Having achieved little and lost much in Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House and Pentagon in 2012 are turning their focus to the Asia-Pacific region. Top U.S. leaders seem to believe that the world’s oldest major democracy must confront the world’s oldest civilization and most populous country. Washington orphans engagement and upgrades containment. A tough line toward China may buttress President Barack Obama’s prospects in this November elections, but could also jeopardize long-term U.S. and world security. Washington risks becoming trapped in a self-fulfilling policy. Expecting and preparing for a confrontation with China, U.S. policies may push China to the very behaviors Washington would like to prevent, and toward a collision that no sane person could welcome.

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May 14, 2012
When Idealists Are the Realists
Bill Keller, New York Times
Dissidents are heroic. They speak truth to power and challenge us to be better. They put human faces on the victims of abhorrent regimes. Their stories inspire the less brave. more ››
Repeated summit talks between Japan, China and South Korea will lead to future stability in East Asia. The leaders of these three countries must further their relations with each other based on this understanding. At an annual... more ››
May 14, 2012
Why China Is a Bad Model for the U.S.
Reihan Salam, National Review
Americans have always looked abroad for inspiration. Alexander Hamilton drew on the experience of Britain and France to shape the economic institutions of the early republic. In the early 19th century, Henry Clay championed... more ››
May 14, 2012
India Adds Teeth to Nuclear Arsenal
Harsh Pant, Japan Times
There was a sense of deja vu when, days after India successfully testfired its nuclear- capable, 5,000-km-range Agni-V ballistic missile, Pakistan responded by testfiring an "improved version" of its nuclear-capable Hatf-4... more ››