May 23, 2012

Does NATO Matter to America?


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The renewed focus of US defence policy towards Asia does not endanger the future of NATO. Although it will not respond to every crisis in and around Europe, the US is not disengaging from European security. But Europeans need to think harder about their collective security interests and willingness to use force.

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May 21, 2012
Why the U.S. Shouldn't Lead NATO
Sarwar Kashmeri, New Atlanticist
After 64 years, it is time to share the baton of NATO leadership with the European Union. What is needed is bold vision of the kind that created the alliance in 1947. Unfortunately, this is not on tap in Chicago. Which is why... more ››
May 22, 2012
Instead of Saving NATO, U.S. Should Get Out
Doug Bandow, Forbes
The alliance finished its work on November 9, 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell.  Soon the Warsaw Pact dissolved and the Soviet Union disappeared. There then ensued a desperate attempt to find a new role for the ... more ››
May 18, 2012
Meet NATO's Next New Ally
Damon Wilson, New Atlanticist
When NATO leaders meet in Chicago this weekend, they will review the process of enlargement and the performance of candidate nations. While no invitations will be issued, the summit is an opportunity for allies to affirm that... more ››