May 27, 2012

The West's Fatal Addiction to Democracy

George Jonas, National Post

AP Photo

Much as we like democracy and eager as we are to export it, we'll have to start considering that democracy may not be our friend. More precisely, it may not be our friend abroad. Specifically, it may not be our friend in Pakistan, or in Egypt.

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May 15, 2012
Obama's Foreign Policy Failures
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
President Barack Obama ran as the anti-George Bush candidate. So it is ironic that his signature achievement overseas - the killing of Osama bin Laden - is one Bush would have been proud of. more ››
May 17, 2012
Pakistan's Missed Chance to Tame Badlands
David Ignatius, Wash Post
As America begins to pull back its troops from Afghanistan, there's one consequence that gets little notice but is likely to have lasting impact: Pakistan is losing the best chance in its history to gain political control over... more ››
The decision to work on ending the blockade shows how much both countries need each other. The US and its Nato allies are winding down their operations in Afghanistan and this route is pivotal to its smooth conduct. Before the... more ››
May 27, 2012
Just Say No to Pakistan's Extortion
Christian Whiton, Fox News
Rather than pin a medal on the doctor who helped confirm bin Laden's identity, it has tossed him in jail on a 33-year treason sentence. Along with other extortionate acts against America, this speaks volumes about what this... more ››