June 5, 2012

45 Years of Israeli Occupation

Institute for Middle East Understanding, Institute for Middle East Understanding

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As the entity in possession of the occupied territories, Israel has the legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of all of those under its control, without regard to nationality, race or religion. more ››
May 23, 2012
Stakes Higher than Ever for Netanyahu
Thomas Friedman, NY Times
He avoided early elections by adding a new centrist coalition partner to his right-wing cabinet, giving him control of 96 of the 120 seats in Parliament. There are Arab dictators who didn't have majorities that big after... more ››
May 24, 2012
How Irrelevant Is Amnesty International?
Jonathan Tobin, Contentions
It's not that every instance cited by AI is false. Many of their reports are reliable, especially those that note problems in the Third World, that few in the so-called human rights community that is obsessed with destroying... more ››
May 25, 2012
What Is Israel's Breaking Point on Iran?
Michael Adler, AOL Defense
With all the talk of whether Israel will attack Iran, it is important to understand when Israel might feel it has no other choice but to act. Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli military intelligence chief, wrote in the New York Times... more ››
May 27, 2012
It's Time for Ehud Barak to Go
Jay Bushinsky, Jerusalem Post
Defense Minister Ehud Barak seems to be out of step politically with his American hosts. more ››