June 7, 2012

Energy Drives China's Foreign Policy

Michael Richardson, Japan Times

AP Photo

The United States and China, the top users of energy, are heading in opposite directions. It is a trend that has major geostrategic implications for the Asia-Pacific region.

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June 6, 2012
Unilateral Disarming in the Resource Wars
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May 25, 2012
Beijing's Nine-Dashed Line in South China Sea
David Lague, Reuters
Alongside an armada of paramilitary patrol vessels and fishing boats, China has fired off a barrage of historical records to reinforce its claim over a disputed shoal near the Philippines in the South China Sea. more ››
May 27, 2012
South China Sea Is No Powder Keg
Allen Carlson & Xu Xin, The Diplomat
China isn't looking for conflict in the South China Sea. Indeed, it already seems to be moderating its language over it its spat with the Philippines. more ››