June 13, 2012

Toward a New Arab Cultural Revolution

Alastair Crooke, Asia Times

AP Photo

Instead of yielding hope, its subsequent metamorphosis now gives rise to a mood of uncertainty and desperation - particularly among what are increasingly termed "'the minorities" - the non-Sunnis, in other words. This chill of apprehension takes its grip from certain Gulf States' fervor for the restitution of a Sunni

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June 12, 2012
Salafis Pounce on Egypt's Rush to Vote
Amitai Etzioni, Boston Review
After the Muslim Brotherhood gained 40 percent of the vote and the Salafis 25 percent in the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, Rana Abdelhai, a student, told New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof that while... more ››
June 2, 2012
Saudi Arabia Atop a Powder Keg
Robert Looney, Foreign Policy
With its coffers still overflowing, Saudi Arabia appears to have avoided contagion from the Arab Spring through massive government expenditures ---what amounts to hush money for disaffected youth and minorities. But the country's... more ››
June 11, 2012
Facebook Meets Brick-and-Mortar Politics
Thomas Friedman, NY Times
At the end of the day, politics always comes down to two very old things: leadership and the ability to get stuff done. And when it came to those, both the Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood, two old "brick and mortar"... more ››
May 31, 2012
Egypt's Worrisome Options
National Review
Optimists have promoted the notion that Egypt will show how to make the necessary transition from military rule to democracy. Pessimists, on the contrary, have been warning that the Muslim Brothers have enough popular appeal to... more ››