June 14, 2012

The Falklands Message That Still Holds True

Daily Telegraph, Daily Telegraph

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Shortly after 9pm on this day 30 years ago, Maj Gen Jeremy Moore, commander of British land forces during the Falklands war, signalled to London news of the Argentine surrender with the words: “The Falkland Islands are once more under the government desired by their inhabitants. God save the Queen.” It concluded one of the great military feats of modern times. Within days of the invasion on April 2, 1982, a formidable force was mustered and dispatched to defeat a well-armed enemy 8,000 miles away. The nation remains justifiably proud of the soldiers, sailors and airmen who took part in this action – and remembers especially the 255 who lost their lives. Politically, it was a triumph for Margaret Thatcher, whose leadership and determination to see the campaign through...

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