June 17, 2012

What Is America's Cyberwar Policy?

Washington Post, Washington Post

The world is awash in hacking, espionage, theft and disruption. Nations are struggling to defend their networks, but also building offensive cyberprograms designed to function as free-standing weapons or as adjuncts to conventional kinetic warfare.

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June 8, 2012
Cyberwar's Problems for Internet Governance
Adam Segal, Flashpoints
After last week, policymakers and analysts of cyberspace are hoping to catch their breath. On Monday, Russia-based antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab announced that it had discovered Flame, a sophisticated piece of spyware most... more ››
June 11, 2012
Why the U.S. Can't Win a Cyberwar
Fred Kaplan, Slate
Sen. John McCain rarely ceases to boggle the mind. He did it again today, highlighting a provision that he inserted in the defense authorization bill requiring U.S. Cyber Command “to provide a strategy for the development... more ››
June 4, 2012
Throwing Cyberstones from a Glass House
Washington Post
The offensive cyber arms race makes it even more urgent to think about defenses. The United States is still seriously vulnerable, as are other nations. We have deeply embedded network technology in every facet of our economy... more ››
June 7, 2012
White House Blames Israel for Political Gain
Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine
It was quite a week for cyberwarfare. First came the revelation that Iran was suffering from a virus called Flame—apparently the most powerful spyware ever created, turning computers into virtual double-agents—which has... more ››
If the U.S., China, and others adopt hidden methods of aggression like cyberwarfare, the nature of conflict will change rapidly. So, too, must peacemaking. more ››