June 21, 2012

Generals, Not Assad, Hold the Keys to Syria

Michael Young, The National

AP Photo

It is strange how many people today seem surprised by the actions of the Egyptian armed forces, who have consolidated their political supremacy in recent days at the expense of parties and civil organisations that supported the so-called revolution of January 2011.

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June 15, 2012
Portents All Bad for Syrian Bloodbath
Greg Sheridan, The Australian
The killings in Syria are going to get much, much worse, and they are a dreadful human tragedy, but they also have strategic consequences, which are important to understand. more ››
June 15, 2012
As Putin Goes, So Goes Any Hope for Syria
Jon Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun
Despite barrage of criticism from Washington, the Russian leader will likely be the one to determine if the brutal Assad regime will stay or go. more ››
June 15, 2012
Bashar Assad: A Mideast Franco?
Pat Buchanan, American Conservative
As America has declined to intervene in Syria, FDR declared neutrality early in the Spanish Civil War, outlawing any sale of weapons to either side. more ››
June 15, 2012
Saudi Arabia Reins in Its Clerics
Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace
The Saudi regime may be urging stronger international action in Syria, but it is clearly wary of the recent wave of domestic agitation calling for non-official involvement in the crisis. The Al Saud worry that the anti-reform... more ››
June 15, 2012
Syrian Regime Vulnerable to Attack
Michael Weiss, Telegraph Blogs
Since the topic of military intervention in Syria was suggested many months ago, the standard response has been that unlike Libya, Syria has robust air defence systems and so a no-fly zone or surgical air strikes on key... more ››