June 28, 2012

Eurozone, Admit Defeat

Janice Atkinson-Small, Daily Mail

AP Photo

The break up the eurozone is inevitable so the sensible strategy would be to plan a strategic way to dismantle the single currency rather than these haphazard attempts to save it.

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June 19, 2012
UK's First Shot in Syria Intervention
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June 22, 2012
E.U. Referendum Only Matter of Timing
Daniel Hannan, Telegraph Blogs
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June 22, 2012
Germany's Youth Don't Care About Euro
Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail
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June 23, 2012
Is There a 'European' Identity?
Paul Gillespie, Irish Times
IS EUROPEAN “identity” the wrong code for building the European Union, or a necessary sense of collective belonging for this emerging complex society? Should it be defined by similarity or difference? How does it... more ››