June 29, 2012

Is Rwanda Backing a War Criminal?

Tristan McConnell, Time

AP Photo
A UN report accuses Rwanda of recruiting and arming rebels in Congo led by a commander who's been indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, casting a shadow over President Paul Kagame's sterling reputation in the West.
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June 28, 2012
Africa Benefits from Chinese 'Colonialism'
Dambisa Moyo, NY Times
Despite all the scaremongering, China’s motives for investing in Africa are actually quite pure. To satisfy China’s population and prevent a crisis of legitimacy for their rule, leaders in Beijing need to keep economic growth... more ››
June 19, 2012
Will Libya Erase Gaddafi?
Jamie Dettmer, Newsweek
If only restoring history could always be so easy. On a visit to Tripoli this year, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti returned the 2,000-year-old sculpted head of Domitilla Minor, the daughter of the Roman emperor Vespasian.... more ››
June 17, 2012
The Problem with America's Africa Policy
Howard French, The Atlantic
If Washington wishes to be taken seriously by Africans it has as much work to do as China in squaring words and deeds. more ››