July 6, 2012

Africa's Growing Middle Class Drives Development

Knaup & Puhl, Der Spiegel

AP Photo

Africa's growing middle class is fueling development across the continent. Ambitious entrepreneurs are creating growth with companies focusing on everything from fashion to pharmaceuticals. But poor infrastructure, corruption and political conflict are hampering their efforts.

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For the U.S. and its allies, AMISOM represents progress in the war on terror. Rather than mass deployment of troops, the U.S. and the European Union are funding neighboring countries to tackle their own regional issues. For... more ››
July 6, 2012
Weep for the Shrines of Timbuktu
David Adjaye, Financial Times
Making a case for the physical protection of buildings when we are unable to protect the citizens of Mali might sound precious. We must make the case for both. If we do not protect the legacies of previous generations, how... more ››
July 6, 2012
Trouble in Timbuktu
Washington Post
Timbuktu, a center of Sufi mysticism, apparently represents a broad-minded world view at odds with Ansar Dine’s radical conservatism. When asked this week whether the destruction of these cultural artifacts will... more ››
July 2, 2012
The Islamist Threat in Africa
Jerusalem Post
Recent warnings in Washington about the influence and cooperation of Islamist movements in Africa should not fall on deaf ears. more ››
July 1, 2012
More Political Woes for Liberia's Sirleaf
Clair MacDougall, The Daily Beast
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's president and Africa’s first female head of state, yet again stands accused of nepotism, this time by members of her own party. more ››