July 9, 2012

Assad Is Fighting for Alawis' Survival

Jonathan Kay, National Post

AP Photo

A small, marginalized people, kicked around the Middle East for centuries by Muslim empires, finally carves out an independent home for itself on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. But life remains precarious: Islamists seek to delegitimize the newly established homeland, declaiming the ruling sect as a gang of infidel occupiers. Now, the simmering hatred of the occupied people finally has transformed into an unstoppable political and military intifada — cheered on by Western human-rights advocates. The country I have just described is Syria. For all the pathological hatred that President Bashar Assad and his father Hafez have focused on Israel, the histories of the two countries betray some striking similarities. And those similarities help explain why the Assad clan and...

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July 7, 2012
The Tide Turns Against Assad
The Economist
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July 5, 2012
Syria Another Kofi Annan Tragedy?
Wolfowitz & Palmer, Washington Post
Thirteen years ago, the U.N. secretary general personally issued a report to the General Assembly on the international community’s failure to prevent the massacre of Bosnians at Srebrenica, which he called “a horror without... more ››
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