July 10, 2012

Israel's Democratic Revolution

Matthew Ackerman, Contentions

AP Photo

As the Arab Spring drifts away from its democratic promise, there is one place in the Middle East where democracy is proving both resilient and capable of responding to a nation’s most intractable difficulties: Israel.

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July 1, 2012
West Bank's Calm Won't Last Forever
The Economist
FIVE years after Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, dismissed an elected government run by the Islamists of Hamas and decided to rule instead by decree, the Palestinian Authority (PA) that oversees the West Bank is being... more ››
June 30, 2012
For Israel, Iran Gets Bombed or Gets a Bomb
David Ignatius, WaPo
A popular new slogan making the rounds among government ministers here is that in dealing with Iran, Israel faces a decision between “bombing or the bomb.” In other words, if Israel doesn’t attack, Iran will eventually... more ››
June 29, 2012
Israel's Quest to Scuttle Peace
Akiva Eldar, The National Interest
This article focuses on the Israeli side of this equation in part because the Palestinian leadership, as far back as 1988, made a strategic decision favoring the two-state solution, presented in the Algiers declaration of the... more ››
June 28, 2012
Don't Ignore Mideast's Hunger for Change
Tony Blair, Evening Standard
One of the things about being a leader is that the crises do not always come sequentially. It would be great if, today, political leaders could confront the economic crisis of the eurozone as the rest of the world stayed calm.... more ››
June 28, 2012
The Hidden Palestinian Revolution
Hamze Awawde, Jerusalem Post
The interaction and the ease of access to knowledge that Wikipedia and Facebook provide to the current generation has a huge impact on the character, the affiliations (political and otherwise) and the way of life of today’s... more ››