July 11, 2012

U.S. Must Avoid South China Sea Trap

Ted Galen Carpenter, The Skeptics

AP Photo

As the world’s leading maritime power, the United States is understandably concerned about the South China Sea territorial dispute—especially China’s breathtaking claims to well over half of the waters. Beijing’s position has important economic and strategic implications. Many of the crucial oceanic routes leading to Japan, South Korea and other countries in East Asia run through the South China Sea. Chinese control of that body of water would give Beijing a grip on the economic jugulars of all of those nations and might cause Washington’s East Asian allies to reassess their close ties to the United States. Nevertheless, the Obama administration should be wary of embroiling the United States in the South China Sea dispute by reflexively backing...

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July 8, 2012
Mixing Oil & Water in South China Sea
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July 2, 2012
Is India Afraid of China?
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July 11, 2012
South China Sea: Roiling the Waters
The Economist
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July 5, 2012
End Strategic Ambiguity in the South China Sea
Greg Poling, cogitASIA
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July 3, 2012
Beijing Flexes South China Sea Muscles
Jon Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun
China has moved to assert administrative control over almost the entire South China Sea in the last two weeks, a thrust that heightens the risk of conflict with neighbours who dispute Beijing's territorial claims. more ››