July 16, 2012

Egypt: The Battle for Civilian Rule

The Guardian, The Guardian

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Morsi must tread a fine line between rolling back the generals' powers and keeping secular and Christian partners on his side.

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July 11, 2012
Egypt's Real Ruler
Daniel Pipes & Cynthia Farahat, National Review
Morsi is not the most powerful politician in Egypt or the commander-in-chief. Arguably, he does not even run the Muslim Brotherhood. His job is undefined. A military coup could brush him aside. For the first time since 1956,... more ››
July 3, 2012
Should the U.S. Cut Off Egypt's Military?
Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic
The White House can, and should, prepare itself by demonstrating the courage of its convictions. To be sure, this would be risky at a time when nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise in the Arab world. The alternative,... more ››
July 11, 2012
Egypt's Overhyped Parliament Showdown
Ashraf Khalil, The Daily Beast
President Mohamed Morsi made a big deal of convening the country's dissolved Parliament, but it was less a confrontation with the military than political theater designed to shore up flagging Muslim Brotherhood support. more ››
July 13, 2012
America's Egypt Problem
Aaron David Miller, Los Angeles Times
U.S.-Egypt relations are in for some tough times. Forget solutions or overcoming these challenges. They're far too entrenched and Egypt's far too much a mess for that. More likely we'll have to do some pretty fancy shuffling... more ››