July 19, 2012

The New American Century

Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

AP Photo

Get ready for an American century: that appears to be the main consequence of the energy revolution that is now causing economic and political experts to tear up their old forecasts all over the world. The new American century won’t be a repeat of the last one, but in some very important ways the world now looks more likely to continue in the direction of global liberal capitalism that the US—like Britain before us—has seen as its geopolitical goal for many years.

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July 16, 2012
A Post-Post American World
Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia
Forget peak oil; forget the Middle East. The energy revolution of the 21st century isn’t about solar energy or wind power and the “scramble for oil” isn’t going to drive global politics. The energy... more ››
July 18, 2012
Winners & Losers in Era of Oil Abundance
Steve LeVine, Foreign Policy
We are suffering whiplash: For nearly four decades, OPEC -- the cartel formally known as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries -- has been a major economic and geopolitical force in our collective lives, driving... more ››
July 8, 2012
Mixing Oil & Water in South China Sea
Dan McGroarty, RealClearWorld
The South China Sea, through which one-third of all ocean-going trade vessels pass, fuses traditional concerns about "control of the sea lanes" with the quest to control the seabed. At issue is not just surface transit and ... more ››
July 8, 2012
Iran Derangement Syndrome
Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative
Irrational fears stymie diplomatic success--and shift focus from a more dangerous Pakistan. more ››
July 8, 2012
SE Asia in Quandary over U.S.-China Rivalry
Martin Petty, Reuters
A U.S.-China tug-of-war over Southeast Asian influence is proving to be a critical test for Washington's "pivot" East as Beijing strengthens its economic and military clout in its own backyard. more ››