July 24, 2012

America the Energy Superpower

David Karl, Foreign Policy Association

AP Photo

The energy boom upends arguments about the inevitability of U.S. strategic decline.

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July 18, 2012
Winners & Losers in Era of Oil Abundance
Steve LeVine, Foreign Policy
We are suffering whiplash: For nearly four decades, OPEC -- the cartel formally known as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries -- has been a major economic and geopolitical force in our collective lives, driving... more ››
July 16, 2012
A Post-Post American World
Walter Russell Mead, Via Meadia
Forget peak oil; forget the Middle East. The energy revolution of the 21st century isn’t about solar energy or wind power and the “scramble for oil” isn’t going to drive global politics. The energy... more ››
July 19, 2012
The New American Century
Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Get ready for an American century: that appears to be the main consequence of the energy revolution that is now causing economic and political experts to tear up their old forecasts all over the world. The new American century... more ››
July 12, 2012
Australia's Resource Lesson for the U.S.
Edward Glaeser, Bloomberg
America became great because it transformed its vast natural resources -- Iowa farmland, Mesabi iron, Texas crude -- into human capital, equipped with skills to succeed in the Information Age. Now, when human capital is king,... more ››
July 25, 2012
Only Low Oil Prices Will Oust Putin
Dmitry Trenin, Moscow Times
The protests that began in December indicate that the active and educated segment of society is tired of the Putin regime. They understand that the economic prosperity of recent years was... more ››