July 29, 2012

Our Summer of Climate Truth

Jeffrey Sachs, Project Syndicate

AP Photo

The evidence is solid and accumulating rapidly. Humanity is putting itself at increasing peril through human-induced climate change. As a global community, we will need to move rapidly and resolutely in the coming quarter-century from an economy based on fossil-fuels to one based on new, cutting-edge, low-carbon energy technologies.

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July 23, 2012
China Itching for a Fight with Japan
Joe Hung, China Post
Is there going to be a war over the Tiaoyu Islands, which the Japanese call the Senkakus? According to a joint poll conducted by Taiwan's Want Want China Times Public Opinion Survey Center and China's “Global Times... more ››
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced on July 7 a government plan to buy three of the Senkaku Islands' five main islands in the East China Sea. The possibility cannot be ruled out that Mr. Noda is using the islands' purchase... more ››
July 18, 2012
Japan-China Dispute Is Getting Serious
Stephen Harner, Forbes
The confrontation between Japan and China on the Senkaku/Diaoyutai issue has escalated to a truly dangerous level.  Objectively it must be stated that it has been Japan that has done the most to raise tensions.  ... more ››
July 19, 2012
Japan, China Square Off Over Islands
Michael Richardson, Japan Times
Japan's ambassador to China warned last month that plans by the Tokyo municipal government to buy islands in the East China Sea claimed by Beijing but administered by Japan could trigger an "extremely grave crisis" between East... more ››
July 16, 2012
Behind Japan's Senkaku Strategy
Joe Hung, China Post
All Noda wants is to ensure the American commitment to the protection of the Senkaku Islands by purchasing the land Ishihara is planning to buy and nationalizing it so that the United States may be led to change its neutral... more ››