August 3, 2012

MEMRI's Selective Picture of Arab World

Assaf David, Haaretz

AP Photo

On June 26, the Middle East Media Research Institute (better known by the acronym Memri ), published a translated article in Hebrew, titled "The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood's website: The days of the Jewish state are short." The original Arabic article, authored by the Jordanian Islamist Dr. Salah Al-Khalidi, appeared on the Brotherhood's website on May 17 on the occasion of "Nakba Day." Al-Khalidi's main argument was that the Jews are a foreign abscess in the Middle East and that there are ample signs that their state is nearing its end. Those who are well versed with the Islamist ideological and theological discourse on Zionism can stop right here: His was a copy-paste propaganda article, the likes of which can be found by the thousands in Arab and Islamist media outlets....

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