August 12, 2012

Olympic Success a Blow to Scottish Nationalists

Kevin McKenna, The Guardian

AP Photo

It's clear that Scotland's first minister is having a bad Games. I'm unaware of any official line that SNP party managers were seeking to advance during the Olympics, but it's clear that not much thought went into dealing with the problem of Team GB and a subsequent unionist groundswell. Instead of confining himself to a dignified "good luck and God speed" message to the Scots representing Great Britain, the first minister simply couldn't resist the opportunity to indulge in grandstanding. Thus the Scots were "Scolympians"; London's Army & Navy Club became "a little bit of Scotland" and in Rio 2016 Scotland will compete separately after independence has been gained. It was wretched stuff and simply made our normally surefooted senior statesman look tawdry and unkempt.

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