August 14, 2012

Morsi Must Be Careful

Daily Telegraph, Daily Telegraph

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Egypt's first freely elected leader must resist pressure to undermine his democratic credentials.

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August 13, 2012
Is Morsi Staging or Reversing a Coup?
Hussein Ibish, The Daily Beast
Many Egyptians are no doubt hoping that the new moves clarify the untenable confusion about lines of authority between elected and unelected institutions that have characterized the post-Mubarak era. But if they come to feel that... more ››
August 10, 2012
Egypt's Morsi Outsmarting the Generals
Steven A. Cook, Foreign Policy
What makes the Rafah incident more interesting than previous attacks in Sinai -- of which there have been many -- is its potential to break Egypt's political logjam. At first it looked as if Morsy would bear much of the blame for... more ››
August 13, 2012
There Is Nothing to Stop Egypt's Islamists Now
Barry Rubin, PJ Media
Muslim Brotherhood President al-Mursi has just removed the two commanding generals of the Egyptian military. Does he have a right to do this? Who knows?There’s no constitution. That means all we were told about not having to... more ››
August 13, 2012
Has the Muslim Brotherhood Staged a Coup?
Abigail Hauslohner, Time
It would seem that Mohamed Morsy is on a roll. Less than a week after sacking several major security chiefs, the first elected president in Egyptian history has moved on to tackle the big guns. On Sunday, Morsy fired Field... more ››
August 9, 2012
Arab Spring? Try Christian Winter
William Dalrymple, The Australian
Wherever you go in the Middle East today, you see the Arab Spring rapidly turning into the Christian winter. The past few years have been catastrophic for the region's beleaguered 14-million strong Christian minority. In Egypt,... more ››