August 21, 2012

Kim Jong-un Is No Reformer

Victor Cha, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

For those searching for signs of reform in North Korea, Kim Jong Un has been a godsend. Women on North Korean state TV wore high heels and miniskirts while he sat in the audience. Disney characters, the cultural export of a country North Korea has long demonized, danced onstage. The not-yet-30-year-old Kim, since taking over from father in December 2011, frolicked with school children and was photographed on a rollercoaster with a British diplomat, signaling a level of international openness never seen under the stern Kim Jong Il. He found a pretty wife, Ri Sol Ju, whom the New York Times equated with Britain's Kate Middleton. In a sign of changing times, the new first lady has even been photographed with her husband -- significant because Kim Jong Il was never seen with his...

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August 16, 2012
Little Has Changed in North Korea
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August 18, 2012
The Man Trying to Change North Korea
Ahn Hee-chang, JoongAng Daily
When Jang visited South Korea in October 2002 as a member of the economic survey team, a South Korean official remembered him for having deep insight into how to rebuild the North Korean economy. Jang’s dream could be... more ››
August 15, 2012
Beijing Unflustered by Cool Ties with Seoul
Scott Harold, Yale Global
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South Korea, not China or Vietnam, is the North's best partner that has both the money and development know-how. Pyongyang should knock on Seoul's door while throwing away its atomic bombs and missiles. more ››