August 24, 2012

Russia's Arctic Roulette

Bidder, Der Spiegel

AP Photo

Thawing sea ice and improved technology is opening up the race for natural resource exploration in the Arctic Circle, home to nearly a quarter of the world's untapped oil reserves. Russia leads the race and has promised to adhere to environmental guidelines. But accidents and other damage resulting from the country's oil exploration tell a different story.

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Canada is set to assume the helm of the eight-member Arctic Council. China wants to become a permanent observer member. Sweden, the current chair, hasn’t addressed China’s request. Canada will probably need to, as well as... more ››
August 15, 2012
Canada Is Not Ready for the Arctic Rush
Michael Byers, Globe and Mail
It's clear that Canada's search-and-rescue capabilities require an emergency upgrade. Unless, that is, we’re willing to stand helplessly by – as hundreds or even thousands of foreign tourists die in what we proudly insist is... more ››
August 14, 2012
Pussy Riot Trial Won't Bring Down Putin
John Kampfner, Independent
The Church of Christ the Saviour is the perfect symbol of what is wrong about modern Russia. In 1931, Stalin dynamited the place to build a monument to Communism. In the 1990s, as the Soviet Union was no more, and the Orthodox... more ››
August 14, 2012
How Kofi Annan Has Empowered Putin
Andre Glucksmann, Le Monde
As the world’s eyes were focused on the Olympic Games in London and Bashar al-Assad's killer tanks and planes battered Syria throughout the summer, Kofi Annan's resignation went almost unnoticed. But when the UN peace envoy to... more ››