August 27, 2012

If You Were Kim Jong-un...

U.S.-Korea Institute, U.S.-Korea Institute

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What would YOU do if after attending a privileged boarding school and a few years of university abroad your destiny suddenly catapulted you into a position of highest authority and responsibility for a troubled and impoverished country, one seen as part of an “axis of evil?” This is exactly the situation Marshal Kim Jong Un faces today and I doubt if there are people around him who have enough courage or knowledge of the world to give him substantive advice. After all, most of them have been selected for their obedience and ability to implement the “wise guidance of the Leader” without daring to have their own opinions. North Koreans are not likely to rely on advice from foreign scholars, whether out of pride (chabusim) or suspicion of malicious intent. But being an...

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August 16, 2012
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August 21, 2012
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South Korea, not China or Vietnam, is the North's best partner that has both the money and development know-how. Pyongyang should knock on Seoul's door while throwing away its atomic bombs and missiles. more ››