August 29, 2012

Are Jews Obsessed with the Holocaust?

Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

AP Photo

What is happening here is something virtually without precedent in our allegedly enlightened age: A member-state of the United Nations, Iran, regularly threatens another member- state, Israel, with annihilation. It’s important to bear in mind a fundamental asymmetry: Israel doesn’t seek Iran’s elimination. Iran seeks Israel’s.

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August 19, 2012
Israeli Attack on Iran Won't Spark Larger War
Thomas Rogan, Guardian
Over the last few days, Israeli newspapers have been consumed by reports that the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has decided to launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities some time this autumn. Although Netanyahu has an... more ››
August 16, 2012
Israel's Persistent Iran Itch
Roger Cohen, New York Times
Hmm, it’s August, things are quiet, time for another wave of hysteria over an imminent Israeli attack on Iran. We’ve seen this movie for a decade — Israel’s “red line” on the Iranian nuclear... more ››
August 21, 2012
Time to Authorize Force Against Iran
Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard
Such a proposal by President Obama would be controversial, and many Democrats would vote against him. (There is precedent for this: In the 1991 Gulf resolution, 45 Democrats in the Senate voted against the resolution and only 10... more ››
August 24, 2012
Ehud Barak Will Decide if Israel Strikes Iran
Oren Kessler, Foreign Policy
Twenty years have passed since Israel first raised the alarm over Iran's nuclear program, 10 years since Iranian dissidents revealed the enrichment plant at Natanz, and roughly two since pundits started predicting an Israeli... more ››