August 29, 2012

What's South Africa's Problem? Jacob Zuma

Allister Sparks, Business Day

AP Photo

When all the shouting and weeping and finger-pointing is done, the bottom line is that what happened at the Lonmin mine on August 16 began as a battle between rival politicised factions. And that battle was itself part of a larger war over which faction will gain control of SA at the next election.

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August 20, 2012
South Africa Must Prepare for Unrest
Stephen Grootes, Business Day
The ANC appears to be further from acting decisively than ever before. Which is bound to simply create more space for unworkable populism and, ultimately, more violence. more ››
August 21, 2012
South Africa: The Politics of Massacre
Gwynne Dyer, Winnipeg Free Press
It is now 18 years since the fall of apartheid, and a substantial class of prosperous middle-class blacks has emerged (together with a small group of very rich people with close links to the ANC). However, the poor majority... more ››
August 28, 2012
End of South African Exceptionalism
Magaziner & Jacobs, The Atlantic
On Thursday, August 16th, South African security forces shot dead 34 protesters at Marikana, a platinum mine, owned and operated by multinational firm Lonmin, in South Africa's Northwest Province. The dead were rock drill... more ››
August 24, 2012
Mining Unrest Nothing New for S. Africa
Micah Reddy, Mail & Guardian
Statistically speaking, a Marikana massacre occurs many times every year beneath the surface of South Africa's mining badlands. more ››
August 24, 2012
South Africa and the Global Mineral Wars
Daily Telegraph
The death of 34 striking miners in South Africa, gunned down by police last Thursday in the course of an industrial dispute, has thrown the country’s mining sector into turmoil. Even as South Africa mourns its dead, production... more ››