August 30, 2012

Five Reasons the Assad Regime Survives

Tony Karon, Time

AP Photo

President Bashar al-Assad promised Wednesday to cleanse Syria of the rebels that have challenged his rule, but he is unlikely to achieve that goal. Indeed, in a rare interview with Syrian TV, Assad conceded that his promised victory would not come soon. Still, there may be more than empty braggadocio to Assad’s claim that, from his regime’s point of view, “the situation is better now.” That’s because although his forces are unlikely to ever restore Assad’s authoritarian control over all of Syria or to pummel the rebellion into submission, at the same time there’s little sign right now of the Syrian rebels or their regional and international backers being able to muster the knockout punch that topples the regime. The rebellion has made...

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August 20, 2012
China's Assad Problem
Jeffrey Payne, The National Interest
With its recent veto in the United Nations Security Council, the People’s Republic of China has signaled its continued support of Bashar al-Assad’s rule in Syria. Beijing also has put its money behind the embattled... more ››
August 26, 2012
Invade Another Muslim Country? Bad Idea
Henri Barkey, Wash Post
The long-standing truth underlying this situation is that, for decades, Arabs have been exposed to, even under friendly regimes, daily diatribes of anti-Americanism by their governments, media and academics. This will neither end... more ››
August 26, 2012
Syria's Cry, America's Cowardice
Michael Weiss, NY Daily News
U.S. policy has been a muddle of contradictions and half-baked excuses that risk robbing Washington of any influence it might have in a post-Assad Syria. The standard rationalization against even arming the rebels is that... more ››