August 30, 2012

For Cameron, Scotland Is Make or Break

Steve Richards, The Independent

AP Photo

Scotland's independence could destroy David Cameron's career.

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August 26, 2012
Why Scotland's Nationalists Are Losing
Alex Massie, The Scotsman
At the very least, the Nationalists’ momentum appears to have been checked. Salmond has been very quiet this summer. The British state has formidable resources to deploy against the SNP. Most of the media is unpersuaded that... more ››
August 18, 2012
A Path for Scottish Independence
Jonathan Freedland, Guardian
Independence lite would not be one thing or the other. But it is starting to have appeal for unionists and nationalists alike more ››
August 23, 2012
Is It Time for Cameron to Ditch Osborne?
Martin Kettle, The Guardian
Even the most ruthless prime ministers affect dislike for cabinet reshuffles. "I'm afraid the truth is that these events are always very bad and perhaps the worst of all the duties of a PM," Harold Macmillan confided in his... more ››
August 23, 2012
Austerity Will Topple UK Coalition
Bill Jamieson, The Scotsman
WITH DEBT soaring and the UK stuck in recession, Cameron and Osborne have few cards left to play. When the central pillar of economic policy starts to unravel, coherence and credibility soon follow. Prime ministers Callaghan (in... more ››
August 25, 2012
Cameron Can't Sack His Cabinet Deadbeats
Simon Heffer, Daily Mail
The so-called silly season this year has been shorter than usual, thanks partly to the Olympics and partly to the very serious matter of the economic crisis. It has, however, had one traditional element: speculation about a... more ››