August 31, 2012

Hollande's Mission Impossible

Bruce Crumley, Time

AP Photo

During his victorious French presidential campaign earlier this year, François Hollande ran on the slogan “Change Is Now.” Yet just four months into his presidency, Hollande is already feeling heat from public opinion—and critics on right and left alike—for not changing things fast enough as he seeks to fulfill the seemingly contradictory objectives of beating back austerity, stimulating stalled growth through spending, and reducing France’s budget deficit all at once.

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August 29, 2012
Syria's Rebels Cannot Be Trusted
Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph
Apart from the fact the opposition is deeply divided, its most effective elements - namely those fighting in Syria - are closely associated with hard-line Islamist groups, and are therefore unlikely to provide the kind of... more ››
August 31, 2012
Cameron's English Lesson for the French President
Philip Stephens, FT
Francois Hollande is approaching an important juncture. The French president’s post-election honeymoon is fading with the summer sun. He has returned from holiday to critical reviews from left and right. It is time for Mr... more ››
August 29, 2012
The 'Muslim Tide' That Wasn't
Doug Saunders, National Post
Deprived of any genuine facts suggesting an overwhelming Muslim baby boom, the more radical Muslim-tide proponents simply make them up. More than 13 million people have now viewed the YouTube video Muslim Demographics, which... more ››
August 30, 2012
France's China Challenge
European Council on Foreign Relations
Can France still afford to have its own "China policy"? Economic anxiety can produce wrong policies. China is now indeed at our doorstep, both as an unavoidable salesman and as a buyer on the lookout for opportunities. But the... more ››
August 28, 2012
On Syria, Everyone Waiting for Obama
Max Boot, Contentions
The Obama administration’s “lead from behind” foreign policy is having the same impact in Syria this year as in Libya last year: It is providing an opening for France to usurp the traditional American role as the leading... more ››