September 1, 2012

Will War Settle Asian Island Spat?

Park Bo-gyoon, JoongAng Daily

AP Photo

For Korea, its survival strategy in the 21st century will be exports and diplomacy. There is not enough time to make candidates actually compete to demonstrate their capabilities, which is a crucial right of voters. Foreign and defense affairs must be top priorities in the presidential campaign. That should be the key to a successful presidential victory.

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August 19, 2012
The Sources of Korean-Japanese Conflict
William Choong, China Post
Claims by both South Korea and Japan are extensive, and documented in colorful brochures which are available on their official websites (interestingly, both offer such brochures in 10 languages). But the antagonism between them... more ››
August 25, 2012
U.S. Doesn't Get Korea's Island Dispute
Jason Lim, Korea Times
American frustration is understandable. Her two strongest allies in East Asia are seemingly hung up on a set of uninhabitable islets known for bad weather and seagull droppings. Here are Japan and South Korea, the world’s... more ››
August 20, 2012
Asia's Island Row Boils Over
Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt, The Guardian
To outsiders, it might seem as if this is a relatively new dispute, which started with the Tokyo governor's recent announcement in April that he would purchase the rocky islets. In fact, tensions have been brewing since at least... more ››
In August 1993, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono issued a formal statement on the issue of wartime “comfort women,” who were mostly recruited from Korea and forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military... more ››
August 30, 2012
North Korea Smiles While Asia Feuds
Donald Kirk, Korea Times
The North Koreans have got to love this one. The ruckus over Dokdo/Takeshima gets so much play in Korea and Japan that Koreans and Japanese tend to forget they’ve got a real enemy lurking somewhere over the 38th parallel. That... more ››