September 10, 2012

EU States Must Clarify Brussels' Role

Brendan Keenan, Irish Independent

AP Photo

The idea that the number of women on boards is a matter for legislation covering 400 million people in 27 states is worrying evidence that those in charge do not understand what it is they are in charge of.

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September 7, 2012
Greece Better Off Exiting the Euro
Costas Lapavitsas, The Guardian
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September 2, 2012
Can Europe Survive Rise of the Rest?
Timothy Garton Ash, NY Times
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September 6, 2012
Germany Needs Referendum on EU Integration
Dirk Kurbjuweit, Spiegel
After World War II, the West gave Germany two great gifts. The first gift was democracy; the second gift was being integrated into a Europe of free nations. This also included the overriding vision that one day both gifts... more ››