September 19, 2012

Australia's Blinkered Vision of China

Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald

AP Photo

Australia is entering something of a China frenzy. The federal government is preparing to launch its Asian century white paper. The federal Treasurer boasts to a conference that he has probably visited China more times than all his predecessors since Federation combined. State premiers spruik Chinese investment. One, Western Australia's Colin Barnett, goes further and takes China's side politically, too. Difficulties in the Australian relationship with China in 2009 were all the fault of Australia. Beijing was blameless.

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September 14, 2012
U.S. Marines Won't Upset Asia-Pacific Balance
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September 19, 2012
China Sneezes - Will World Catch Cold?
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September 19, 2012
Islam Should Accept a Secular State
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September 6, 2012
A New Low in the Sino-U.S. Rivalry
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September 6, 2012
The World of China's Communists
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