September 27, 2012

Palestinian's 'Oslo' Threat Means Nothing

Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem Post

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September 16, 2012
Has a Palestinian Spring Begun?
Jonathan Schanzer, Foreign Policy
It has been a week of protest across the Middle East. Beginning in Egypt and Libya, then spreading to Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Sudan, angry crowds took to the streets to protest an anti-Islam film that few had likely ever... more ››
September 19, 2012
Romney's Right - Palestinians Have Rejected Peace
Investor's Biz Daily
Maybe you heard the kerfuffle over Mitt Romney's comments about those who don't pay taxes. But you likely didn't hear his other remarks - that Palestinians don't really want peace. He was right about that, too. more ››
September 25, 2012
Stop Blaming Netanyahu
Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy
It's been a bad month for Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister has been hammered for being trigger-happy on Iran, he won't see his good friend Barack Obama at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, and he's being... more ››
September 19, 2012
The Fix for Romney's Peace Process Apathy
Zvika Krieger, The Atlantic
Just as Mitt Romney's campaign advisors promised this week that his campaign would start having real policy discussions, we receive the candidate's most substantive treatment of the Middle East to date, in the form of a leaked... more ››
September 27, 2012
Time for Israel to Draw Own Borders
Jonathan Rosen, Jerusalem Post
Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave a lengthy interview to Israel HaYom on Tuesday in which he called on the government and the public to consider a partial unilateral withdrawal from large swathes of the West Bank, in the absence... more ››