September 27, 2012

Putin Makes Move Toward Asia

Michael Klare, The Nation

AP Photo

One might assume that Vladimir Putin’s decision to reposition Russia as a major Asian power—as he announced at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vladivostok on September 7—would produce anger and dismay among US policymakers. After all, American leaders have been complaining about Russia’s re-emergence as a major geopolitical actor ever since Putin first assumed office as president in 2000. But from my observations as a participant in the summit, the Obama administration was more pleased than dismayed by Putin’s announcement. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the top US official present in Vladivostok, went out of her way to congratulate Russia for its recent accession to the World Trade Organization and promised strong administration support for...

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September 21, 2012
Putin Hits 'Clear' Button on Medvedev Era
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September 24, 2012
Obama Must Take On Putin
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September 17, 2012
Why Putin Should Vote for Romney
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Romney's energy plan is a godsend for the Putin administration since it virtually guarantees very high global oil prices in the foreseeable future. All those drilling initiatives proposed by Romney are costly. Canadian shale... more ››
September 14, 2012
Putin's Kulturkampf
Konstantin Akinsha, Project Syndicate
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