September 29, 2012

Egypt Resets with U.S., China Waits in Wings

Nikolas Gvosdev, World Politics Review

AP Photo

Unlike Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose pronouncements before the international community regularly conform to the expected stereotypes of an Islamist-inspired leader, Morsi made no sweeping denunciations of Western civilization, nor did he endorse the outright expulsion of the United States from the region. Since taking office, he has not taken any steps to abrogate the 1978 Camp David accords that produced a tenuous “cold peace” between Israel and Egypt. Nor is he hampering ongoing security cooperation with Washington. To the contrary, in an interview with the New York Times before the U.N. General Assembly, Morsi reiterated his view that Egypt and the United States can be “real friends.” ...

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