September 30, 2012

Palestinians Were Ditched. Is Egypt Next?

David Goldman, Asia Times

AP Photo

"No one cares about the Palestinians," I wrote in this space two years ago [1], and since then the world has stopped funding them. As a result, the Palestine Authority is collapsing, comments Khalid Elgindy, a former PA adviser, on the website of the Council on Foreign Relations, about "the wave of Palestinian protests that swept through the Israeli-occupied West Bank this month [and] ... virtually paralyzed life in Palestinian cities, with scenes reminiscent of the first...

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September 28, 2012
How the Palestinians Became Irrelevant
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September 27, 2012
Let the Palestinian Authority Collapse
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September 28, 2012
Abbas, Netanyahu Go Separate Ways
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September 27, 2012
Palestinian's 'Oslo' Threat Means Nothing
Jerusalem Post