October 1, 2012

Will France's Conservatives Turn Far Right?

Bruce Crumley, Time

AP Photo

Warnings of "antiwhite racism" by one of two contenders for the leadership of France's main conservative party spark controversy.

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September 21, 2012
The Other Greek Crisis
Steve Coll, New Yorker
The Greek financial crisis reflects complicity between profit-hungry northern-European lenders and reckless southern borrowers. The migrant crisis has a darker, portentous quality. The prostrate, corrupt, criminalized Greek state... more ››
September 19, 2012
France the Next Arena in Euro Crisis
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September 20, 2012
Meet the French Editor Stoking Islam's Rage
Stefan Simons, Der Spiegel
The editor in chief of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo insists that their publication of Muhammad caricatures was no provocation, but a signal that free speech is alive and well in the country. Come what may, the... more ››
September 20, 2012
Islamic World Must Ignore Insults
The National
Like a child who feels neglected, the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has seized upon a juvenile way to win some extra attention: make trouble. As any parent will tell you, the best way to deal with such provocation is to... more ››
September 28, 2012
French Is Isolating Quebec
Stephen Jarislowsky, Globe and Mail
Switzerland uses four official languages. Two of them – Schwyzerdütsch, a German dialect, and Romansch, descended from Latin – are unique to Switzerland. Neither they, nor French, nor Italian, are threatened by English,... more ››