October 2, 2012

How Karzai Could Make Himself a Hero

Jim Marshall, New York Times

AP Photo

A great deal of technical work will have to be done, in not much time, to correct serious problems with the voter registry and to assure both security and a level political playing field. Mostly, what Afghans need now is forceful leadership from their president to let them fairly choose his successor. Given Afghanistan’s history, such an achievement would be heroic. Mr. Karzai should be that hero.

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September 19, 2012
On Aghanistan, Obama Must Speak Up
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September 19, 2012
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Big Countries, Small Wars
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There is no single worldwide terrorist organization with a single head. Insofar as Al Qaeda still exists at all, it is a Hydra that sprouts new heads as fast as the old ones are cut off. Trying to win “hearts and minds” with... more ››
September 19, 2012
Why Is U.S. Surprised by Muslim Backlash?
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September 19, 2012
Staying the Course in Afghanistan
Daily Telegraph
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