October 7, 2012

Britain's Pundits Already Elected Miliband

Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail

AP Photo

Britain’s media pundits make sheep look like rugged individualists. There’s nothing they like so much as bleating the same thing in unison – even if it’s the opposite of what they bleated last night.

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October 1, 2012
Labour Cannot Be Trusted to Rebuild Britain
Daily Telegraph
The slogan for this week’s Labour conference in Manchester is “Rebuilding Britain”. Is this supposed to be a joke? After all, this is the party that squandered a golden economic legacy during its 13 years in office, leaving... more ››
October 2, 2012
When There's No Cash, Labour Has Few Ideas
Matt d'Ancona, Telegraph
"What does Labour offer,” Ed Miliband has been musing to colleagues, “when there’s no money to spend?” It’s the right question, and his answer, at this week’s Labour conference and thereafter, may yet decide the... more ››
October 3, 2012
Rebuilding 'One Nation' Great Britain
Ed Miliband
Yes our problems are deep. But they can be overcome. Deep problems about who Britain is run for and who prospers within it. One rule for those at the top, another rule for everybody else. Two nations, not one. I want to say to... more ››
October 3, 2012
Not Disraeli, But Miliband a Step Closer to PM
Mary Riddell, Telegraph
The Labour Party conference has shown that leader Ed Miliband can talk human. Now can he win the bitter policy fights that lie ahead? more ››
September 30, 2012
Picturing Ed Miliband as Prime Minister
Andrew Rawnsley, Observer
Call it the "close your eyes test". The challenge faces every leader of the opposition. Whether or not they pass is invariably crucial to their eventual success or failure. Can voters close their eyes and imagine this person... more ››